Sending and receiving information through SMS is business in instant, most cost effective, precise and easiest way of communication that easily transverse the geographical presence of the remote user. We are one of the biggest providers of Bulk SMS Solutions in the country.
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The advent of technology has made the world a small place and the smooth transition of the way people communicate has been very subtle. The mobile communication sphere has made a tremendous difference to the way people communicate, companies address their customers, the value added service attached to it, etc. Meridian Telesoft. is an Ahmedabad based company specializing in solutions for communicating through SMS.
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November 07, 2012
  All Operators has come out with a notification on Interconnect Usage charges (IUC) on all Promotional and Transactional messages with immediate effect. (ref:
So, henceforth all Promotional and Transactional SMS sent through any telecom operators gateway will attract an additional charges apart from the regular SMS charges.
You are kindly advised to give an email confirmation on for us to allow your SMS traffic by charging an additional charges per SMS Interconnect Usage charges (IUC) in addition to the SMS charges. Kindly confirm the same immediately.
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