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Company Profile

Meridian Telesoft (Meridian) is a specialized SMS related solutions providing company based at Ahmedabad. The company was incorporated in 1999 and the major business initially was to provide comprehensive financial services including share broking & trading. To serve its customer in the best and innovative manner and eyeing the future growth and penetration of the mobile sector, Meridian entered into the area of Bulk SMS service in the year 2005 to address the growing demand of Value Added Solutions that were required by varied industries & businesses.

Meridian provides solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. Meridian closely works with its distribution channels to understand the market requirements and to develop new solution and to implement enhanced business and technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment.

Meridian's growth is a result of building solid partnerships with our clients to provide high-quality service at an economical cost. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where operations and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of operations combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging on our customer's requests. We work with the range of small to large organizations - to build new valuable products or services and to implement prudent business process and technology strategies for maximum benefit of our customers.

Our vision is to be the most preferred and industry leading provider in customer service solutions using our core SMS based technology. We have a definite vision of providing the best quality, cost effective and innovative solutions using the latest technology cutting-edge technology to our customers, which in result will be a win-win situation for all.
To provide world class customer service to our clients through customized solutions and provide very quick responsive support. To build, maintain long-term relationship and strategic partnership with our client through our dedicated service and stat of art technology.

As the old saying goes, you are as good as your team is and we believe the same. We always believe that a sound team work can bring results that are spectacular and when there are best brains working for a solution, the product that really gets build is definitely world class.

At Meridian we have the best brains of the industry, coupled with efficient and futuristic management and state-of-the-art infrastructure support makes our team feel at home. We have team that is capable of handling wide range of technologies and our regular training keeps them abreast with the latest happening in the IT industry.



The future in mobile technology is very bright and we have envisaged a complete path for utilizing the best in technology and give services that will be feature rich, affordable, flamboyant & unique.

Meridian with its unique service would like to provide exceptional customer service and simultaneously create a mutually benefit channel of distributors, dealers & retailers.

We see a complete future trajectory that gives us a pan-India presence and we would like to cater our services to all the strata of mobile users.

With change, arrives new environment and idea and at Meridian we are completely ready to face any challenge and update ourselves with the latest technology advancements happening around the globe.


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